Fancy White Gloves

When I was young, I was an ill-mannered and awkward child, far more comfortable in the company of books than of other people. Knowing that I could not reasonably expect to get through life without being able to interact with other humans, my parents decided to enroll me in a local chapter of junior cotillion when I was thirteen.

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Writing Update

This week, I finished retooling one character and began working on the next item in my revision plan, which was to smooth over the chapters for one of my POV characters and make her POV more consistent. I should be done with this stage of revisions sometime in mid-May.

Current MS word count: 62,766

Writing Update

This week, I did some additional world building and started retooling one of my characters. I struggled writing this particular character the first time around, so I’m going through the draft and smoothing out her arc a bit. I ended up redoing her entire character sheet and “taking her to lunch” to get to know her a bit more. Now I’m working on rewriting every place she appears in the novel.

Words written: 956

Current MS word count: 62,607

Writing Update

This week, I did some world building!

Yes, I probably should have done that before I even wrote my first draft. But that never actually happens. I always intend to do all of the world building beforehand, but I just get so swept up into the story that I think, “Well, I can hammer out the world later, but FIRST I have to capture the story!” And that’s what happened with HYBRID.

So this week I took some time to give the world some attention, hammer out more details, and figure out which ones are relevant to the story I’m trying to tell. I’m hoping it will create a richer narrative experience than before.

Impostor Syndrome

There are many things that I did not know how to do when I was a kid, but that I assumed I would automatically be able to do once I grew up. They are little things, like folding laundry neatly and liking vegetables and reading books that are not from the middle grade section of the library.

I have since learned that this is not always the case. Age does not mean that you suddenly can do all the “grown-up things.”
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